pokertable1Let It Ride

A Casino 2 You Provides ....

Casino-size tables with deep-dyed layouts.  Accessories include: playing cards, gaming chips and professional dealer.

Cost of Let It Ride Services

Prices are for 3 hours.  The price includes table, dealer, chips, wheel, marker, marble, raffle tickets, players club cards and FUN.

Let It Ride - $130 / table with dealer

Delivery, set up and break down fee -- Additional.
A 25% deposit and signed contract is required to book date of party.  The remainder is due, the night of the party, prior to beginning.
Friday & Saturday dates in December require an additional 10% up-charge.

The Game

A very popular casino table game.  Let It Ride combines elements of stud poker and blackjack with the ability to take back your bet(s) if you do not like your hand.  Simply make your best 5-card stud hand and win chips based upon the rank of your hand.

"" The Let It Ride game is a variation of five-card stud, based on three player cards and two community cards.  The two community cards are initially dealt face down.  The most distinguishing feature of Let It Ride is that the player is given two opportunities to withdraw exactly one-third of their initial wager.  One chance occurs after the player looks at their hand but before the first community card is revealed, and the second occurs after the first community card is revealed, but before the second is revealed.  The player may reduce their wager on either of these occasions, or on both, or neither.  If the player decides not to withdraw part of their wager, they are said to "let it ride".

In the event of a winning hand after the second community card is revealed, what remains of the player's wager is paid out according to a payout table.  There are small variations in payoffs between casinos, but the lowest paying hand in Let It Ride is typically a pair of 10s; a pair of nines or less is a losing hand, which results in the player forfeiting their remaining wager to the house. ""     -- Wikipedia